Sunday 8 January 2012

Greetings from the future.

Good-day sunshine,

The D*A*M news page just got a lot more new. It dawned on me a good while back now that having a news page that never actually had any news on it was pretty much a pointless entity. I'd long since fallen out of the habit of adding shit to the news page I had on the website with any kind of frequency and the idea of using a tool such as this one to cover that ground makes a whole lot more sense. It's also a two kills in one hand kind of a trip as it fills the void that was required by the little used mailing list too. Basically, the relevant occurrences, aka the word on the street, in regards to D*A*M will be happening here. That's right, new shit is the news.

So I guess if you wanna know the current score in the D*A*M camp in this regard you subscribe or bookmark this page or some other shit. Needless to say the word will always occur over at the D*A*M forum, this ain't no replacement for my updates over there, this would be an addition or an extension of what we already have. 2012, innit. Fresh and so clean.

Right so, news I guess. In 3-dimensional space, the first half of the second batch of Grease Box GB-80's have hit the street. 25 down, 25 to go. It'll be a good month or two until round two.
The main happenings in cyber space would be this that you are reading now and also the first updates I've done on the website in a hell of a long time. There are still a few pages missing and bunch of things to be added but it's looking a good deal more current and relevant that it has a long time.

First toe in the pond so to speak. Over and out...

~Captain of the ship

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