Friday 1 August 2014

Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it

Interesting fact #17 - A blade hasn't touched the skin on my face for over a year. That's a pretty good analogy for what I have been up to with D*A*M. Letting her grow. Fattened in the heat of the sun her fruit are all but ripe. Made the slightest beginnings updating the website. Cut down the old lumber let the fresh shoots burst through. You may note there is now a price list. This applies to the few devices that I shall be selling direct. If you interested in such things read the information presented there.

Random highlights of time passed. I constructed several fuzz devices for the legendary deliverer of sonic tidal waves Robert Hampson. If consider yourself a connoisseur of fuzz tones and you know not this name hang your head in shame, leave your house and go a purchase a recording by a band called Loop. FYI - There may or may not production fuzz devices made by myself relating to the aforementioned musical entities.

The might of the Fist grows yet stronger still. A little more flesh and bone added on the EFE section with new dealers welcomed into the fray. New versions of both the Black Acid and the Black Dust will be manifest in due course along with some more interesting custom elements thrown into the mix. We also now have happyfriendface page for EFE for all you (un)cool kids. Like us and send us hate mail.

Lastly, and quite obviously as the first picture posted above shows, Tommy's Guitar Shop custom build leaps into 3 dimensional space. The Grand Magnus Orbiter. An over engineered replica of the fearsome Arbiter Doubler (AKA, it's pretty much a goosed out foXX Tone Machine) Presented in the same bullet proof style as the current Ezekiel model, dual layer tag boards, superior grade components and hardware. Out live me it shall.

All work and more work will make a man out of you...that, or it will kill you.

~Captain of the ship.

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