Friday 21 September 2012

Run, comrade, the old world is behind you!

Hail! September once again and the first day of Mabon to boot.

The fuzzy fruits we're being casting forth into world have been of various shapes and sizes of late. Linz completed her second project for Sola Sound by making some pretty damn sick Tone Bender MKIV's. Pretty radical looks inside and out. Packing an unhealthy trio of NKT OC84's that add-on the midrange fat in a mightily substantial way.
More grease & dirt have been hitting the streets too courtesy of the GB-83 and FR-70's. Living it large from London to Seattle. A colour for every season? Taste the rainbow of fruit flavours?

August/September also saw the realization that is Emanating Fist Electronics. Heavy duty sounds for the heavy duty. No nonsense, no bullshit, in your face effectors. Manifest in 3D space by yours truly and constructed by our new soldering iron wielding dude, Greg. The EFE pedals are made with PCB circuit boards and a simpler approach to internal construction but yield nothing short of a gloriously beautiful horror show in the fuzz-tone department.

Aside from full-on design and organization sessions these past months I've been getting more of the Tone Benders MKI.5's out to planet Sola Sound and slowly beginning to dip my toe in the small batch custom built waters yet again. It's kinda weird to refer to it as custom built as all out stuff could and can be considered custom built but I'm trying to zone in on the smaller batch more intensive sessions. Something I intend to make a little more obvious come 2013.

Any ways, enough is enough.

The Goddess Prevails.

~Captain of the ship

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