Friday 22 November 2013

Autumn-ic Blast!

The season of doom is all but upon us. The trees are now afire with amber and the cats have ceased fetching me dead presents. It must be Autumn. It's been very productive time for us hence the minimal internet presence, no news is good news, right? 

One of my favourite highlights of late was the return of the Meathead, though it never actually went away, it's just that I'd not made any in over two years. Nice to see it in its correct colours too. Seems to make it all the more unsuspecting. A goofy little thing, kinda cute, a little harmless maybe, cute like starving tiger that is. Poof! Open claw versus your head. Oh, I'm sorry did that take your face off. Yeah I like the Meathead, making more them I am.

The Sola Sound Tone Benders have continued their strong and steady march from the castle gates. Making good on supplying freaks with freaky sounds. Finished up on a nice fatty batch of the Professional MKII's this week and making good time on the more limited batches, the El Diablo being one I'm quite fond of off. The collar and cuffs most certainly match in this case, this pedal sounds red.

The Tone Bender theme conditioned over into the D*A*M way of things during September. The first D*A*M Professional MKII's made they way east for the first time in almost three years. Packing Mullard OC82DM's and with the revised 'old school' D*A*M graphics it was a particularly fun project for me to work on. The fine gents at Hoochies in Tokyo did a truly kick ass job of demonstrating the nature of the beast.

The journey east also continued into October time with the first of our EFE boxes heading out that way. A small battalion of the Dope Priest and Lucifer Rising made travel to deliver much sonic enlightenment to the chosen few. The Lucifer's all packing 1960's NOS Newmarket transistors, a single NKT219 and a duo of NKT215's. Again the fine gentlemen at Hoochies doing us proud with an excellent demonstration.

Early November and the Fuzz Sound spilled over into the late #130's. I'm never exactly gonna be able to exactly churn these things out but its steady enough considering the set-up and build time. 

The current theme right now is Red Roosters and Meatheads with round II of the Ezekiel 25:17 close behind. Plenty to keep me busy and off the streets at any rate.

Enough. Prepare the snacks, Jesus is inbound.

~Captain of the ship.

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