Saturday 25 October 2014

10 years after...

It is Saturday 25th October 2014. We are now officially 10 years of age. Damn, that is one long-winded nerdy wig out if ever I saw one. Still sniffin' the fumes, burstin' the blisters and killing the hours in the honor of all things ancient, obsolete and fuzzy. 

We share our Aluminum anniversary with our Belfast brethren Slomatics. In praise and salute this limited edition M-13 is adorned with their namesakes. If ever was the sound of the universe to be captured in motion, the death of a star, the collision of stellar bodies, the vast unforgiving beauty of endless nothing, it is solidified in the works of this titanic trio.

10 years past but only one day out of port. The engines are warm now. Headlong into the future. Onwards, always, forever.

~Captain of the ship.

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