Saturday 11 February 2012

The blue green hue of 2012

Greetings earthling,

New news is new. A few cool happenings this time around. First up, the Roosters and Bees pictured here are to be the last of the compact series pedals we will be producing for a wee while. Same deal as before, 10 of each in the batch. Available from Joe's Pedals and Downstroke Music.
We are now having a break from those design types, mainly to reassess their evolution but also so we're able to fully concentrate on the designs that we feel are a little fresher, in our heads at least. You can read more about the ins and outs of this, should you care to, here

In a Nutshell, as we ebb and flow into 2012 D*A*M we only be producing the Fuzz Sound, the Fuzzrong and the Grease Box.

We are pleased to announce another mightily fine project with the fine people at Macari's (AKA Sola Sound, AKA Colorsound) The Colorsound Fuzz Box. Based on the legendary Dick Denney's handiwork and design.

Originally made by Dick for Colorsound in the 1990's and designed by him in approx 1962. This project would also the first time Linzi will be the boss cat of assembly so exciting nerdy fun all around. More information on this can be found here

That's enough words for now. Over and out...

~Captain of the ship

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