Wednesday 21 March 2012

Tone marches on...

Biggity bam! Spring time, mother fuckers. Our Tone Bender/Fuzz Box freak-out this month begins to near its fuzzy climax. The the last of the Dick Denney Fuzz Box's are due to depart the roost this week along with more units of the Professional MKII. This leaves the first run of the Colorsound Fuzz Box complete at a batch of 60 pieces and once my self inflicted monthly quota of 40 pieces of the Pro MKII have been fully realized I'm clocking in somewhere close to the big 400 with that particular flavour of Tone Bender.

April will see the true beginning of D*A*M for 2012. Two new products with familiar faces. Interesting shit will be interesting, maybe. April will also see the beginning of some acceleration in the output of the D*A*M Fuzz Sound. 
Designed as the flag ship D*A*M big boy back in 2009 but due to other projects and other fuzzy happenings it seems to have become something more akin to an obscure semi-aquatic were-toad that sleeps under a mossy rock who randomly scurries out into the brightness of daylight to feast of the souls of homeless musicians. In other words, I ain't really made the blue beast in the numbers I had intended too. April hopefully will see the beginning of a shift in that.

Gear shift and into the warmth, silicon enchantments a go-go.

~Captain of the ship

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