Saturday 28 July 2012

Sleazy in Seattle

Bejesus! The D*A*M time frame is rolling along at a thunderous pace of late. Time for a little cruise control.

Firstly, we are super stoked and mighty proud to announce that we have Tommy's Guitar Shop once again waving the D*A*M flag. We have worked with Tommy since around 2005 and with D*A*M slowly growing some belly fat we can once again have a real life bricks and mortar dealer on US sores. Happy days.

The first blue meanies of the year are slowly making themselves known. Beautifully nauseated fuzz tones delivered with OC75 blown speaker flavored goodness. The ruder and most certainly cruder step child of the Professional MKII. If you like your fuzz tone refinements akin to a slap in the face this saturated bastard has your ticket.

August is set to be an avalanche of fuzz and of all things loud and vulgar. Some familiar faces, some not so. The might of Emanating Fist Electronics is once again set to stalk the streets in search of willing victims. Fatter, meaner, smellier and generally emitting a healthy vibration of 'fuck you' Heavy duty for heavy duty minds. A primordial grunt with a foot-switch at one end. Buckle up and knuckles down.

Lastly, module overload! We had small technical malfunktion this week which caused all mail sent to the 'info' email address, basically the mail that comes directly through the site, to be lost. Most had been dealt with and responded too but if you have emailed us within the last 2-3 weeks and have had no response please re-send your mail.

Okay, that's it. Back at it.

~Capitan of the ship

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