Saturday 16 June 2012

The darling fuzz of may

Shazam! May came and went as fast as we could blink. Poof! Gone in a cloud of purple smoke. The first occurrence that is now an obvious obviousness was the birth of the Fuzzrong FR-70. A new an improved all singing all dancing freak-out machine. Circuitry wise it's based closely upon the genius that was the Rosac Nu-Fuzz. The FR-70 brings on those heavy smoke filled psychedelic tones from the past but with a gentle modern day tuck and lift in the lower end. Additional words on the FR-70 can be found, here.

May also saw more gold Tone Bendery goodness land on planet Sola Sound and the Fuzz Sound once again began clamber into the light of day. A small batch of FS-75's went forth along with a custom set of thirteen Fuzz Sound JR's. Same shit, little box. Cuter than a box of kittens eating apple pie.

The damp warmth that is June sees us getting our hands Greasy once again, gearing up for a righteous new project and the return of some old friends.

A slight negative to end this update. The first counterfeit D*A*M pedal, that we are aware of, arrived on the scene this week. Yeah, we've had folk clone stuff before, which to be honest is no big deal, but to have the graphics along with the company name and most rage inducing of all was the faking of my signature. Not really sure what kind of mind thinks this is a cool thing to do, makes little sense in the acquisition of 200 bucks to me. Surely the operation could have been achieved without the need for the fake graphics and signature.

I'll end that negative bleh with a fitting quote:

"6. Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved." 

Any huw. Onwards.

~Captain of the ship

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