Tuesday 26 March 2013

Out of the void

Help me, Wamba? Well shit damn, it appears as though it is now two thousand and thirteen Anno Domini. Kinda slipped outta the habit of throwing pretty pictures on words up this thing, mainly seeing as three dimensional reality has a little more weight to it, tends to smell better too.

Any huw, needless to say we've been busy little bunnies. The horrible bastard that is Ezekiel 25:17 reared its ugly head once again, definitely not in any kind of mass production sense, but out there some did go, and constructed in manner I found most pleasing. 

Still chugging along with the Fuzz Sounds, not exactly gaining pace output wise but happening they are, FYI - I just topped unit #123. 

I've now gone back to making all the small box units myself, I am only making these to order so it fits in as a nice balance and change of pace to building Tone Benders, Fuzz Sounds and the like. I've already made some greasy tweaks to the Super Bee, which now sports the designation SB-67. One more number one more transistor. Lucky 13.

Miss Haynes started out the year with laying Emanating Fist boxes out on the street. The Dope Priest seems to be earning some righteous street cred which is a pretty sweet deal as we are just about to begin version 2. No real circuit changes, just an improved circuit board layout. Basically it makes our lives easier so you dirty dope fiends get noise makers in a more agreeable time frame. Linz is pretty on it with the Tone Bender vibe right. We just started MKIV batch two, and in a right on the money authentic colour scheme too boot. She also dabbled in the vintage horror of the MKI recently and made a small batch of those saturated beasts. 

In the works. It's gonna be Tone Bender MKII par-tay time this year, just gearing up for batch #3. 413 and counting. We have a new EFE effector in the works that should be of interest to those with an obsession with the atomic number 32. Plenty of other little seedy projects simmering away, I could tell you...but then I'd have to kill you.

Consult your pineal gland.

~Captain of the ship

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