Wednesday 17 July 2013

Summer loving had me a blast, Summer loving we solder so fast

Damn! Feeling hot hot hot. Summers here and the time is right, for fighting in the street? We have some good cruise control on the go here at castle D*A*M. Between myself and Miss Haynes we've rocked out over 100 Tone Benders in these past few months. No small feet. The work of crazy persons. Feels good.

Finally getting the time to shape the mold on the future of D*A*M and the slowly maturing beast that is Emanating Fist Electronics. EFE horror box number III is now realised. Lucifer Rising. The 8th August 1969 in a die-cast aluminium box. Germanium bliss with the standardized EFE heavy duty footprint. Psychedelic saturation to doom ladened meaty flanks and still plenty nuff old school for lovers of the ancient.

The path clearing continues. The last of D*A*M Tone Bender TB-00's have left the building. Strange project was strange. We'll be off loading the remaining TB-02's shortly. Cleaning the slate so to speak. We'll also be welcoming a few old faces back to the table before we get truly fresh. Looks set to be an inserting summer. Sweaty soldering fun with pockets full of germanium.

Lastly, aiming to get some new vibes on the go in regards to the cybernetic side of things. I rarely have the time to maintain those things as I'd like to these days but an important side of things it is. A scrub and clean on that front is coming soon.

Okay, enough. Back to three dimensional space. Whoever and wherever you are, I wish you a mighty and magical summer time. 

Drink up in the fountain.

~Captain of the ship

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