Wednesday 18 April 2012

Rule #3: Use Lubrication

Brake out the baby oil, it's April and the slumbering beast that is D*A*M opens a dusty eye to the boiling atomic sky. The shake down begins and the first outta the door and with it's ass on fire is the GB-83. A silicon fulled pre-amplified fury. Fuzz, overdrive or boost? You get what you give. Dynamic touch responsive overdriven subtitles or a speaker hammering heavy legged drunken fuzz. It's fresh, it's clean. It's all kinds of Greasy.

On other news. The Tone Bender festival that was March went swimmingly. If there ever was something fuzz related to overdose on it would have to be the might on the Professional MKII. I'll be picking up the Tone Bender bat once again come May with a golden blue hues of delight.

Right now, right now it's kick out the Fuzz Sounds, mother fuckers!

Coming soon to a face near you.

~Captain of the ship

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