Sunday 22 April 2012

Slippery streets

Rocked out with ferocious precision the first batch of GB-83's head out west. For an overall general somewhat confusing run-down of the 83's sonic soul check out my gibberish, here
I've been working on this pedal for some time and could likely go on and on and on about numerous different aspects of this and that and still not make much more sense. We'll have some Pinstriped flavoured clips soon enough that could make a little more sense as to where the 83 is coming from. 

From my own fair hand sooner than later will be a small fleet of blue. A small gathering of custom baby Fuzz Sounds with a smattering of the larger tubby ladies. Basically it's a re-familiarization session before I get stuck into a batch of serious quantity.

Lastly, a little self spaming trip, even though it is fuzz related. Of late I did a little sounds project with some friends on mine that feature all kinds of D*A*Mness and a whole menagerie of vintage fuzz devices. We have a few copies of the quite nicely presented compact disc available here should anyone reading this care to dabble in some lo-fi fuzz overdosed tackiness. A wee sampler of the contained horrors can be witnessed below...

Drink deep and perspire,

~Captain of the ship

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